Now you can make quick and easy estimations of the cost for the mold to produce your injection molded plastic product, using this affordable software program.



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Did you know it is illegal to request a formal quote from a vendor if you are not ready to issue a purchase order? Now you can use MoldCoster™ to determine if you are ready to make that formal request.)


No need to know how molds are made or designed. All you really need to know is the basic size and shape of the desired plastic part and you can calculate the approximate cost of having the mold built. You can use this information as a tool to determine if you should go forward with the project or step back and reconsider. You can even use the information to decide if you are getting a fair deal from a vendor who gives you a formal quote once the project is ready to move forward.



The result can be attained in a matter of 2-3 minutes and you can make changes on the fly. You can even change any calculation result and the total will recalculate automatically.


You can even change any or all of the input choices and make some "what if" comparisons. Want to see the difference between a 1 cavity mold and a 4 cavity mold? Just click your mouse. How would the cost change if you made the mold using aluminum instead of steel? Just click your mouse.



MoldCoster™ even gives you the option of selecting the country in which the mold will be built. For example, you can compare the cost of the mold being built in the upper Midwest of the United States to the cost of the mold being built in China (or Japan, or Mexico, etc.)


This tool is designed to be a quick "estimate" of tooling prices to be used for "ballpark" figures in determining your next step. You should not rely of the results to be 100% accurate as there are simply too many other variables to be considered. That being said, our track record shows that for over 20 years now this program has realized an accuracy of approximately 90% based on actual reports from users.


Even if you don't know what to select, just choose one of the options in the "Product Size" box and leave the default settings. You can still get a very accurate TOTAL.


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The quick and easy Mold Cost Estimator from IPLAS


Version 3.0

Version 3 now allows you to enter a preferred moldmaker shop rate if you wish. This way you can compare known shop rates to determine price variations. We have also updated location-based data to perform more accurate pricing results.








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